Wednesday, September 23, 2009

House Renovation - Guest Bathroom

A few weekends ago, Bobby and I finally started on our long awaited house renovations. Basically, we are giving it a giant makeover. We started with the smallest room but one of the most significant - the guest bathroom.
I was scolded by my cousin for not taking before pictures so my descriptions will have to work for now. This room was not one we spent a great deal of time on when we first moved in. The walls were supposed to be a steel gray and ended up much more like a violet or a bright blue. We really never put any accessories or anything in it.
In our house we have two bathrooms except our master bathroom only has a garden tub with no shower. So, the guest bathroom is used for the shower and then of course guests use it. Before, I was so embarrassed for anyone to use it...I would say "just keep the light off" or "shut your eyes while you do your business." I know...crude.

We painted the walls a tan/light brown color called "Delta Sandbar" for Lowe's Vaspar brand paints. We also replaced the aging, off-white plastic blinds with white faux wood blinds. I couldn't find any at Lowe's so I actually bought these at Walmart for less than $25. They are light weight and really easy to clean. The true white looks SO much better than the off-white plastic ones did.

I had originally found a great shower curtain from ABC Distributing but was VERY disappointed when it arrived. I thought I was going to have to give up my black and white theme until we went to Target. I got this great shower curtain from Target for around $25. It is heavy material and very soft. It is also not see-thru which happens with white fabric somtimes.

This bathroom has a shower with large sliding doors. I hate these doors (they are the frosted kind and I think they are unattractive) but there is really no other option so a shower curtain works great to cover the doors.

We LOVE Hobby Lobby. Well, I probably love it way more than Bobby but he goes in order to ensure that won't end up with extremely girly home decor. We were browsing for a basket or something to hold extra toilet paper and/or wash clothes. This bathroom is tiny and there is no extra floor space. We found this awesome little box that matched perfectly.
Bobby is very much into black metal/iron pieces. That was his job at Hobby Lobby. He said he hates that part of the wall and insisted on covering it. I think he did a great job especially since we didn't have any measurements with us. The box was originally supposed to go on the counter top but it turned out to be just a tad too large.
Hobby Lobby has great sales and by great I mean like 50% off. All the time! Unfortunately neither of these pieces were on sale but they were perfect and still not very expensive.

The frame was a gift from Michelle. She saw my original idea for the bathroom and bought this for my birthday specifically for the bathroom. It says "Live graciously, Love generously, and Laugh often."
We chose chrome for the hardware - shower curtain, towel racks, and toliet paper rack. I really liked how they went with the color. We decided on black and white towels and I think they work really well. We bought the towels at both Target and idea why we did that.
The only thing we have left to do is finish up with painting the trim white and Bobby plans to outline the mirror with a small decorative trim.
I think for our first project this room turned out fairly well.