Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Worst Blogger Ever

I am seriously the worst blogger ever. I am lazy and don't want to stop what I am doing to come up with witty things to say about our life. But, here I am recommitting to this monster. Here are some random stills from the Armstrong life -
I love this girl. Ava Brooke.
Her parents are pretty alright people too.

My cousin and I through my grandmother a surprise 70th birthday party. She was so surprised. My cousin made 65lbs of baked spaghetti and I decorated everything in the backyard that stayed still. And, there was karaoke. It was fabulous.
I am teaching Sunday School/Small Group now. Young Adults/Couples. This is frightening.
We start a new study called "Heart of a Renegade King" from 1 & 2 Samuel. I am terrified.

We helped move Jim and Ashley into their new house.
And, we had Japanese with Jim and Ashley.
And, we spent a long Sunday afternoon playing board games.
They are having a baby girl in December. Her name is Ella Kate and she will love her Aunt Mel more than anybody else.

No explanation needed.

Other news:
We bought a new, beautiful television. I know nothing expect it is 46' and beautiful and its a Sony and it came with a free blue ray player....and I wrote the largest check ever to Best Buy.

Bobby will preach again on October 4th and maybe the 11th. I am excited.

I bought new pots and pans/utensils/plates. But, since I came down with the virus from the bad place, the only thing I have been able to eat on my new plates is a chicken patty sandwich. Sad. The pots and pans are from the Paula Deen Collection and the plates are square.

Lastly, I bought an iphone. I love it. I adore it. I don't know how I functioned without it. It is way better than Bobby's (it is the exact same except for my super cute pink cover).