Monday, August 2, 2010

A Picture Everyday??

I am reading a highly recommended photography book and I follow a website for photography beginners. I have been absorbing as much information as possible. I love it! One thing both sources said to do is to get daily exercise with my camera. The goal is to take a photo a day. I decided to post them on a weekly basis and go from there. The first set is random pictures from the past few months but starting tomorrow will be my first official day of "exercise."

Our "niece" Ella Kate. Sweetest face ever!

Our other "niece" Ava. HUGE personality! Such a doll.

From a cake tasting event for Heavenly Assorted.
Look them up on Facebook. Great people. Delicous Cakes. Creative, fun, unique designs.

I love this kid. He's getting too big!!

Strawberry Bread. Delicous!

Stacie Grace - daughter of an old friend. Sweet, quiet, calm.

Panama City Beach and my love.