Monday, August 2, 2010

Love These People

Last weekend, Bob and I spent the evening with some very special people. It was a celebration of Emily and Nicole's birthdays. These friends are the ones you can not talk to for weeks or months and it is like you were never apart. They are all so warm and friendly and hilarious. I seriously have never laughed as hard in my life as I did last Saturday. We all gathered at Emily and Tyler's home for food and a crazy game of BINGO.

Emily, Michael, and Katie
Can you tell Emily and Katie are sisters?!?

This family is extremely talented and they have recently taken up various string instruments.
Emily and Ginny showed off their talents (sort of).

Tyler's mom indulged both Emily's new hobby of guitar and mandolin with her extreme obsession with all things Twilight with guitar books for the soundtracks to the first two movies. She was ecstatic!

Nicole LOVES the outdoors and even has her own camper! She just purchased a new camper and is decorating it with Scotty dogs. Her "mom" got her a stained glass scotty for the camper window.

Ginny can play any instrument she picks up. It is really sickening!

So...this family plays a hilarious version of Bingo. The winner of each round gets to choose a prize from the table. The prizes are white elephants gifts that all of the players have brought. Each prize can be "stolen" twice before it is frozen with that last person. It is really amazing to watching people fight over a used board game or cooler. I had completely horrible luck. As evident from the picture above, I went a whole round without any of my numbers being called. Bobby, who had never played Bingo in his life, had beginners luck and won two rounds. Although, I did get a prize for a clean sheet.

Katie snagged a very coveted prize - a kite! Bobby really wanted this kite, again because he has never flown a kite in his life, but couldn't steal from sweet Katie.

One of the loudest, fiercest competitiors was Tyler. He was hysterical - as always.

I am not sure Michael won a round either! But, as always, he was so cheery and so very funny. He has the most recognizable laugh ever and you can't not laugh when he does.