Thursday, October 15, 2009

This is Us

A random text conversation between Bobby and I today:

Bob - I'm miserable. I'm ready to go home.
Mel - I'm ready to go too! And, I need a coke and I don't have any change
Bob - I'm miserable cause my whole face hurts and you need a coke
Mel - Awww. You are miserable b.c I need a coke and can't get one?
Bob - You are mean
Mel - I was asking a question
Bob -Nevermind. Your not following this conversation
Mel - oooh. so you were saying like you are miserable and your face hurts but all I’m thinking about is my coke?
Bob -Yeah. Something like that
Mel - I found some change

Today's really beats Tuesday's random moment:

Bob - "I don't like you anymore."
Mel - "Well, that's not good."
Bob - "'What's for dinner?"
Mel - "Spaghetti"