Thursday, February 12, 2009

Long Time

Things have been so crazy yet completely routine so I have not had anything to blog about. Bobby and I have been extremely busy with school and we have started renovating our house so that takes up A LOT of time. When I have free time, I want to read or catch up on one of our shows.

In January I told Bobby that I wanted to read as many books in 2009 as I can and go back and look at my accomplishment. Bobby and his dad are huge readers and my mom always has a book with her. Bobby challenged me to start with one of his favorite series by David Eddings, The Belgariad. So, I started reading in January and finished that series (which consists of 5 books) and now I'm right in the middle of the second series, The Mallorean (which also has 5 books). They are definitely a nice break from my calculus and economics books!

We have spent a lot of time with our bests - Jim and Ash. I love these two. We have decided that we are Lucy/Ricky (Jim/Ash) and Fred and Ethel (Bob/Me). Last weekend we helped another couple move. They are a super sweet couple who have the most precious baby boy. We planned to spend a few hours and ended up spending the whole day but it was so nice to help out and they were so grateful. I'm glad they are just minutes away now! They are also new members of our church which is wonderful. And, we had movie-night with our young couples group, we watched "Flywheel" from the same people that produced "FireProof." It was a good movie with a great message. I posted our pictures to our church blog.

Speaking of church, Bobby has been teaching the youth bible study for a couple of months now and has a true passion to see that group grow. Along with our friend, Michelle, we have lots of ideas for our youth and young couples in the near future. One new project....our church does not currently have a Wednesday night worship or bible study so we are gearing up to start a bi-weekly bible study (1st and 3rd Wednesdays) that Bobby will be leading. He is super excited to be able to "teach" others and Michelle and I are looking forward to organizing these meetings. Bobby and I get so caught up in school and being "busy" that we realize that we have a full schedule because we have a full life. We have church responsibilities, work, and school plus family and friend time. I know that we are beyond blessed and I hope to keep a positive outlook as our schedule expands to add these new events.

Other things on the horizon:
- My parents will celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary on March 2nd and I am so excited and proud for them. They are going away to celebrate but I'm working on something special for them. No ideas are coming yet but I have a couple of week.

-My baby brother turns 21 in April. While my brother and I aren't as close as I would like - I would do anything for that kid and he knows it. I think my brother is one of the most intelligent people I know (one other being my husband) and I know that if he will just put his mind to it, he can accomplish great things. I guess because I have always felt the need to be his protecter (he's 6ft and built so he really doesn't need my help) that him growing up has such an effect on me. I feel so old!

-Summer/Fall registration! I'm taking an insane month-long calculus class in the summer but I'm seriously looking forwarding to having May and June off!