Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Worth a Thousand Words...

At 26 years old...
I can say that I know all five of these men and their individual roles in our country's history.
I have watched four inaugurations (one of those as a second term).
I can say that I have voted in three Presidential elections.

I wonder what my thoughts will be when I'm 46 or 66 or 86. How can I add to my list? What achievements (or blunders) or historical moments will I remember? As of now, I can tell my children and grandchildren that I watched Bill Clinton play the sax, I listened to GW Bush console a nation after 9/11, I lived through the second (as of now) worse economic crisis of our country, and I watched the first African American President take office.

I can tell my children that I watched our Presidents play with their children, make mistakes, overcome obstacles, strive for success, and have many other qualities that make them all 5 just ordinary Americans who decided to dream big and achieve success and who took on the monstrous task of being President of the United States.


Husband and Family Guy said...

Just passing through via "next blog" button. Your post is thoughtful and balanced, instead of the partisan "I hate (insert candidate and/or President)"
Well Done.

The Adams: Robert | Tiffany said...

Nice post!