Sunday, December 7, 2008


1. I love my church family. Dirty Santa with church folks is hilarious.

2. When I grow up, I want to be a mommy like Amanda and Michelle - I love their babies.

3. I didn't make cheese dip....Alabama was defeated in the SEC Championship. That's ok though, I'm still so proud of the Tide.

4. I hate laundry and loathe folding clothes.

5. I love my new Christmas tree - when we finished, it instantly put us in the Christmas spirit.

6. Finals are Thursday and then no class until January!

7. I really dislike Christmas shopping - not the buying part but the rude crowds and disgruntled employees.

8. I will serve on the Membership & Outreach Committee at my church again this year and this makes me so happy.

9. I become grumpy too fast these days. When one must pray for God to help them not be mean...there is a problem.

10. Bobby on a billion-foot ladder with a 16 year-old holding it in place worries me. Yay for insurance.