Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kennedy Family Dinner

So, this past weekend, my dad's side of the family had their annual dinner. We had it at my cousins' beautiful home. We had lots of great food and I made another video :-) and we ended up singing karaoke for hours. The Kennedy clan are some of the loudest people ever but some of my favorite people!
Mom & Dad

Mom, Dad, Aunt Nann, Uncle James, Aunt Carolyn,
Uncle Don, Aunt Jewell, and Uncle Leroy

My Dad is the youngest of 5. The eldest sister, Shirley Ann, passed away
several years ago. Then there is Carolyn, James, Leroy, and my dad (the baby)

Cary, Ann, Jason, Evan, Ethan, Levi, Travis, & David


Bergen and Trey's 8 month old, Wells. He is one of the cutest
(& sweetest) babies I have seen.

Bergen, Kasey, Evan, and Levi

Mom & Dad again...

Cary and Kristie

Travis, David, & Dad singing backup for Ann and Cary

Ashley, Kasey, and Bergen

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Robert and Tiffany Adams said...

Looks like y'all know how to have a great time! I know your video was a huge hit!