Saturday, November 8, 2008

Alabama is headed to the SEC Championship

I was not as lucky as my friend and co-worker, Tiffany, to have been in Baton Rouge this afternoon but I was still on pins and needles in the living room of my in-laws house. Bobby, his dad, and I endured the longest game in history but were rewarded with a Bama win - 27 to 21 over LSU in overtime.

I ended up watching the end of the game from the floor in front of the tv....I was sitting back on the couch followed by leaning forward then on my knees as Tiffen's field goal attempt was blocked. I'm also fairly sure I had one eye closed during OT when Jones caught the pass that got us to the line.

  • I hate overtime.
  • I didn't make cheese dip this week (see previous posts regarding this theory).
  • College Football on CBS = 50 million commercials.
  • I heart Terrance Cody
  • Bobby has debated on naming our first child Julio.