Sunday, September 14, 2008


Bobby and I celebrated our 4th anniversary on August 21st (which also happened to be our first week of the Fall semester). We decided to take a trip to Tennessee for the weekend. Here are a couple of pictures to hightlight our trip.

Bobby at the WonderWorks Museum

Eating breakfast at The Old Mill We had a great trip (minus the 45 minutes we were lost in Knoxville but thanks to our GPS, Lola, we found a detour) but it definitely was not long enough!

August 27th - Happy Birthday Mom!

September 16th - Happy Birthday, Dad!

We have been so busy with work and school that I have not updated in so long! We also took a trip to Tuscaloosa with the in-laws to watch the Alabama/Tulane game (pictures to come). I have several events coming up so maybe more updates too! Oh yeah, I bought myself a little something for my birthday (which was September 1st and I turned 26!!!)....

Yep....NKOTB! haha. I'm not ashamed!