Sunday, September 12, 2010


I have learned from working with kids that you snap as many pictures as possible. Not every pictures is going to be ideal for family framing because kids are active, fun, and very opinionated little people. Last weekend I spent a couple of hours with a group of kiddos...all of whom I absolutely adore. These kids are hilarious and I captured some pretty crazy moments. Here are some outtakes....

He was not happy but he's still so stinkin cute.

Baby Gage is so funny. He's learning and feeling his way around the world and he makes the funniest faces!

I told Nicholas to kiss Brooklynn...she screamed. I'm pretty sure her dad would be proud!

He was still mad at us. But all was well when his best bud, Brooklynn, arrived.

We lost Brennen about half way through. He's sooo cute even when he's sleeping.

Brooklynn is crazy about her baby cousin, Gage. I think she tried to give him a kiss and he slapped her. Gotta love little cousins.