Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bad Blogger

For the past three months, I have been a very bad blogger. Also for the past three months, I have been in the strangest kind of funk imaginable. I woke up one day a few weeks ago and said "enough!" I jumped headfirst back into photography, crafts, renovations, etc.

What we have been up to....

1. After months of a jam-packed schedule, waking up with nowhere to be or nothing to do on a Saturday was a nice treat.

2. The renovation we started in March is about 85% complete. Just waiting on Bob to finish one more thing and I can hang frames and blog about before and after pictures. Then onto the bedroom and my office!

3. NOTHING! I have spent lots of time in front of tv or just laying around reading. I discovered an Austrailan show called McLeod's Daughters and I was addicted. And, my new favorite author, Charlaine Harris, has several series of mystery books. I love her writing and her stories.

4. We became Losties. After dabbling in Seasons 1 and 2...we became addicated around season 3. We actually spent an entire day in our pajamas and managed to watch every episode in Season 5. So, now was are waiting for Season 6's dvd release and trying to stay away from spoilers.

5. I starting reading some random hilarious women's blog and she had craft projects. I began to search for various projects. So far I have made cake plates using Mod Podge and have a half way finished picture frame that will soon become a dry-erase board

6. I have jumped headfirst back into photography and am really working towards getting to know clients. I launched a facebook business page - that means I'm legit, right? I'm still learning but having a blast.

7. I have learned that the right decisions are not always the easiest ones. In fact, they can be completely heartbreaking. But, I know more than ever that God is the ultimate comforter.

8. We spent 6 wonderful days in Panama City Beach, Florida. It was beautiful and relaxing. Bobby wants to move there. Tomorrow. He even looked into real estate.

9. We have jumped into bulk shopping and I LOVE it. Our cabinet looks like an aisle at Walmart. We have also tried new recipes...trying to branch out both on our taste buds and my cooking skills.

10. I desperately want a new hairstyle and have been on the search for the right style/cut/color. No such luck yet. To cut or not to cut??