Friday, February 5, 2010

Another Bobby Quote...

Late in 2008, my cousin introduced Bobby to his coffee maker - a Keurig. It was a brand new on the market (at least in our price range) and Bobby fell in love! He had been wanting one and we had been waiting for the price to come down some or at least that was my excuse...until my parents bought one. Bobby couldn't stand it. So, on a Sam's outing back in December (on New Year's Eve to be exact), we bought a Keurig.

These coffee makers are very interesting in that you only brew one cup at a time. Here is a quote from the company's website:

"The word "keurig" is derived from the Dutch word for excellence, and it is our promise to you. Excellence guides everything we do, from our patented single-cup brewing technology, to the gourmet brands of coffee and tea that are packaged in our K-Cup® portion packs, to our customer service.
Today, Keurig® is the leading single-cup brewing system in North America-for both At Home and Away From Home. Now, you can enjoy a fresh cup of gourmet coffee or tea, and hot cocoa Keurig Brewed® in less than a minute, without any set-up or clean-up. Keurig's popular coffee, tea and hot cocoa brands offer hundreds of K-Cups® to choose from, so everyone can have their favorite variety."

So, Bobby drinks way too much coffee each day because of this contraption. He loves it. He named it. Klyde.

Last night we were talking about our vacation in May and Bobby says "Umm, can the Keurig go on vacation too? Because if it doesn't go then I don't go!" That's my Bob.