Thursday, June 18, 2009

Emily and Tyler's Wedding

This weekend, Bobby and I attended the wedding of some of our friends. I have known Tyler since he a little boy when I first became friends with his sister, Ginny. Tyler is definitely a comedian and a super sweet kid ( he's not a kid anymore). Emily is a sweetheart who is one of my "Twilight Buddies." Their wedding was held at the Rosewood House in Pinson. The ceremony and reception were completely beautiful and had the backdrop of the beautiful, plantation style mansion.

The couple at the reception. I caught Tyler eating! But, we only had a short time to get in pictures before the dancing started.

I have been friends with Ginny since the 7th grade. Wow...15 years!

I have also been friends with Nicole since 7th grade. Nicole and Ginny became roommates right after high school....they are pretty much sisters from different mothers.
Nicole was a dancing queen at the reception!

Bobby wanted to have his picture taken in his new suit.