Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Been A While Randoms

1. I hate the Flu.

2. I hate shots of cortisone almost as much as I hate the flu.

3. Listening to Lady Gaga makes me feel like I'm on drugs. So strange.

4. My irrational fear of being decapitated is as strong as ever. Maybe a post about this later.

5. We have had so much rain that not only is my grass a mile high but you need floaters to use the lawn mower. It's bad. However, my weeping willow is thriving!

6. Jim and Ash are having a baby. Wow. I found out that my best friends were having a child while I was standing on the dog food aisle at Publix. Therefore, I will call their child Rover until its born.

7. Vacation is booked!! One whole week at the beach!

8. Spring semester is over in one month! (insert Hallelujah chorus)

9. I found a great new chicken recipe and can even make a rough, knock off version of Rice Pilaf. To duplicate Zoe's rice pilaf is my life goal. If I can reach this goal, my life will be complete (forget kids, college, promotions, retirement. it's all about the rice!) Just kidding. But that would be fabulous.

10. Easter is coming up and we had a great message on Palm Sunday.
Imagine being present as Jesus rode into Jerusalem that day. Imagine as they drug Jesus down the streets. Imagine watching the crucification and standing there helplessly. So, heartbreaking! Now, imagine life if Jesus had none rode in on that day or died on the cross. What a sweet savior!

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kristen said...

I'm laughing... you know why