Monday, March 2, 2009

The Weekend That Was

1. I slept until after 9:30 on Saturday. Loved it!

2. I love Publix. It is my favorite place to shop! I should be in their commercials.

3. My parent's anniversary is coming up so I worked on a special project Saturday afternoon while Bobby helped our friend Andrew go pick up their new baby crib (Baby Ava will be here in early May!).

4. Andrew basically flooded the baby's room while cleaning up a massive amount of spilled paint so we took our trusty steam cleaner and helped suck up the water. Well, Bobby helped, I sat in the recliner and looked through Ava's clothes.

5. Our sweet friends took us to dinner for helping (again...I didn't do anything). We had a great meal with good conversation and LOTS of laughs (Gotta love Rich - our waiter).

6. Church was canceled because of the snow. This made me sad.

7. WOW. Lots of Snow.

8. We got up at before 8 am to play in the snow like 5 year-olds. I loved every minute of it. Coby, our dog, did not enjoy any of this. He went back to bed.

9. The only breakfast food we had in the house was pancakes and we didn't really want those. So, since I had laid out dinner for Saturday night and we ended up going out, we made dinner for breakfast. Yes, we had hamburger steaks and french fries at 9:45 in the morning!

10. I spent many hours in front of the television. I was productive though - I worked on bible study stuff, church directory samples, math homework, and did laundry.