Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pillow Talk

I was making a trip out this afternoon and Bobby asked me to pick up new bed sheets. We had flannel sheets that we both hated so he finally couldn't take it anymore. This idea for new bed sheets turned into a trip for a whole new look for our room. We set out for new pillows, sheets, and a comforter.

Bobby is very picky about his pillows. We went to one store (where they have a whole room just for pillows) and Bobby took turns with each pillow...testing them. I would hand him one (the ones that were on sale of course) and those never felt right but of course he loved the ones that were $112 (for pillows!).

We left empty handed but made one more stop. Bobby compromised his expensive pillow taste and found some great pillows (which were much more reasonable). We also found a super soft down-free comforter in a deep chocolate color. One of the walls in our room is a wine or burgundy color so we used that deep wine color for one set of pillows and I think it turned out fairly nice. We still need artwork for our room but at least we have a theme now!
Bobby testing out pillows.

The One!


The Adams: Robert | Tiffany said...

I love that pic of Bobby testing out the pillows! So funny! The new bedding looks great!

kristen said...

Oh Bobbles...

I LOVE the color of your walls!!!