Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Real" Family Values

A co-worker suggested I write down some of the crazy stories I tell him. I thought I would start incorporating these stories into my "regular" blog. I'm not a very consistent blogger.
Disclaimer for stories - names have been changed to protect...well me.

A little about me:
I tend to be a little sarcastic. I'm very quirky. I like to think that I "think outside the box" but the truth is that I'm pretty average. I married an equally quirky soul but we jive together just fine. We are the "parents" to Coby (an 8-yr old dachshund), Snickers (my precious 2 yr old cat), and Aeris (pronounced Heiress....she was a stray with beautiful white fur and bright blue eyes who now thinks she owns my house). We are also permanent foster parents to an ornery little hamster who does not have a name (although we imagine that if he could talk he would have a scottish accent) and he's not very friendly and we don't get along - in fact I sometimes tap his little bed just to make sure he's still alive. We (the husband and I...not the hamster and I) will likely have real kids one day but we enjoy this selfish time.

From the beginning - I was born to two wonderful people. My mother was the first prom queen at her high school, has great taste in clothes, and is the most beautiful woman I know. My dad taught me everything I know about Elvis, he can fix anything!, and he loves my mom more than anything in the world. I have a younger brother who I think is a genius although he doesn't use his talents. I was raised in a small town in St. Clair County, Alabama and, for a short time, lived near Oakland, California. I have loads of family as crazy as any other normal American family - plus, when I got married, I gained a whole new load of people (and later stories) to call my family.

Etc. - I am a Christian - this should probably be up in from the beginning because it is as much the truth as the fact that I have brown hair. I have a wonderful Church family and aspire to have God in every part of my life. I love to take pictures- but never be in them. I love to go camping and backpacking. I love to read and I am an internet nerd. I am a jackie of several trades but master of none. I like to make people laugh and use sarcasm way too much.