Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July

Bobby and I started our holiday on Thursday and woke up with a stomach virus! We felt much better by Friday and went to his mom's for dinner and a few fireworks. I started grilling and it started pouring down rain! My father-in-law got some great shots of me in the rain with his new camera. By time our food was finished, my umbrella was useless because I was soaking wet. I tried to keep the grill dry and not so much myself. So, Bobby brought me dry clothes and we enjoyed our barbeque. Here are a couple of pictures from our evening.

Katy cutting into ribs.

Sarah enjoying homemade ice cream (with a little chocolate and caramel)

After grilling in the rain and being drowned - Sarah and I relaxed...well I did she doesn't sit still.

Katy and Jimmy took care of the fireworks.

I thought we were taking a sweet, serious picture....she had other plans.